SEO – Increase traffic to your site


SEO – how to increase web site traffic

In this digital age, it is not enough that you own a site. Having a site without Search engine Friendly measures means, your audience will be those who know your site address or those who search your company name in search engines. These category of visitors probably fall into your existing customers. You need to get new visitors to the site and you need to convert at least a part of them into customers. All these should be planned and executed carefully to avoid wasteful expenditure.

First of all, you should find out what keywords (words people use in search engines to find similar product/service etc) that best describes your site. Analyse these keywords using Google webmaster tools to find out how many searches were done in the past in Google using these keywords.  If your site has to come in search results, you should use keywords which other people use to search internet. Better, you find out how your competitors keywords are doing in search results. All this will help you in arriving at a list of optimized keywords.

Use these keywords in your site’s meta keywords. Also use search engine’s advertising platform to get traffic by using PPC Program (Pay Per click). You can define your audience on a variety of parameters to optimize the money spent on these advertisements.

There are many other techniques like blog posting with back links, blog commenting, press release submissions, article submissions, directory listing, blog listing, social networking pages, to name a few. Another important technique is unique, informative, updated site content.   All these increases your site’s visibility with search engines.

To summarize, you need to do a lot of different things to get your site reach search engine’s audience. Things like blog posting, social networking pages update, press release, monitoring site with Google webmaster tools etc  should done on a permanent basis . If you do not watch your site’s traffic others will take over the business form you.

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e-mail marketing


E-mail Marketing

There are times when a new product or service is launched and informing a target audience with an e-mail marketing becomes necessary. Email marketing offers the most economical form of advertising. There are E-mail lists available in the market which becomes handy in such cases.

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