SEO – Improving a site’s visibility

SEO – Improving a site’s visibility

SEO is techniques used to improve a site’s visibility in Search Engine Rankings.

There are many approaches to SEO. Adding backlinks is the prominent method used. Backlink means reference to the site from another site.
more backlinks, the better. the more authoritative the other referring site, the better.

Blog Writing


My Blogging Experiences

I started blogging around December 2010. My first blog site was a word press site. It was a learning experience. I wrote six or seven articles that time in four to five months time. Even though I was not experienced in blog posting, It was not tough to learn wordpress site administration. With wordpress help and some help from other sites, I could easily post my first article in two days.

Go to any other blog site), register yourself, go to dash board, add a new post, add some tags, add category,publish(edit if required). It is that simple to blog.

After posting a few articles, I could not continue with that blog as I was preoccupied with other work. I lost that blog id after an year or so as my linked hotmail id was hacked and I could not recover that.

This blog was started four months back. Now I make it a point to write articles which helps others in some ways or other.

Thanks for going through this article.