I have traveled to  my home town Aranmula, in Kerala State, India a few days back. I have visited Allapuzha and took a days boating at Vembanad backwaters  and visited Kovalam Beach in Trivandrum.

While in Kerala, I met a group of young passionate IT professionals working on retail related consultancy. Their company is called Altoopa Consulting and I will brief about them today.

Altoopa consulting logo

Altoopa consulting

Altoopa is a consulting and skills development group with focus on retail verticals like apparel, cash and carry, convenience, departmental, specialty , supermarkets, warehouse etc.

Their consultants are passionate about retail and have worked with a broad cross-section of retailers across the globe. They provide end to end business process from sourcing to sales in the above mentioned areas and is based at Trivandrum, India.

Their tagline “Explore Us. Experience Us. Benefit from Us.” certainly makes one to think of exploring, experiencing and benefiting with them.

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