Kerala homestay at DJHolidays

In the last week of December 2012, I have visited Kerala for a week.

Djholidays has picked me and took me to their homestay facility at Allapuzha and took for a backwater ride the next day. I visited a few other places nearby like Kumarakam and Kottayam and stayed with them.

I went to the Aranmula Metal Mirror shops at Aranmula near Chenganoor. Aranmula is famous for Aramula Snake Boat Race or ‘Aranmula Vallem Vali’. There is the 800 year old famous Parthasarathy temple at Aranmula, which is a well known tourist center. Then I stayed at Joy Mathew Aranmula homestay facility.

Next day, I went to Thiruvananthapuram and visited a software skills development company Altoopa Consulting where I met the management team as part of my official work. In the evening, I visited the showroom of poshbags, a leading Indian retailer handbags. They have stocked a large collection of imported handbags, affordable to the Indian public.


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