Indian Pharmaceutical and Surgical Indistry

My understanding of Indian Pharmaceutical and Surgical industry

Having Worked with a pharmaceutical company promoted by a friend of mine, I share some of my experiences here.

I have worked from December 2009 to February 2012, helping the company in maintaining the computer related works. I was also helping the company in marketing by accompanying the marketing staff on many days.

Medicines are prescribed by doctors only on visiting Indian hospitals and reminding them about the brand. There are many many brands available in the market and it is tough market now. Companies gives ‘offers’ to distributors, doctors etc to promote the business. Business is there only till these offers are there. Once the offer is withdrawn, except for big brands, sales comes down drastically.

I had visited many hospitals in Los Angles in connection with promotion of Surgical Instruments. This is not that competitive and marketing people of surgical instruments are much respected by doctors; may be because these instruments are used by doctors themselves. Only hindrance to business is long credit periods and huge costs involved. eg. A small screw driver costs anywhere between 3K – 10 K. Pakistan is a major supplier of surgical instruments.