Internet Marketing through Youtube


Marketing through Youtube

With the advent of digital video technology, internet based marketing of digital videos has become the order of the day. Business opportunities are enormous on YouTube and other websites.

Videos are made and uploaded to YouTube accounts and once it becomes popular (as the number of visitors increases), it provides the owner of the YouTube account to become an affiliate by becoming the YouTube Partner Program.

Once the account is made a partner, YouTube puts advertisement when somebody click on the video,  the revenue generated is thus shared with the account holders.

Many have made ‘howto’ kind of videos and made millions out of YouTube sites.  Anything innovative and interesting to audience is generating good viewership. Video should be not very long. Anything from 3 minutes to 6 minute is best for this kind of stuff.

Old movies which were hits, new movie songs etc can be uploaded by producers and get a decent revenue from these program. Many Indian companies are making good money out of YouTube.