E-commerce web sites and Internet Marketing

E-commerce and Internet Marketing


Websites with e-commerce integration into the sites are the order of the day. In today’s world there are no boundaries to business. With proper internet marketing techniques and logistics, delivery of product is possible anywhere in the world.

First the web application development needs to be done with proper product details inserted into the web page. Once the web site is made to appear in the first pages of Search engines, it is time to go for internet based sales.

Approach a payment gateway that best suits your turnover and support. Once the terms are finalizes and the initial amount is paid, the gatewy companies provide the integration required. In case of problem they will support through their call centers. It is basically some copying, installation of J2EE (java) code into the web server and some configuration settings needs to be made. Shopping cart is installed that way. Once this is done you are ready for web site based shopping.

There are a few providers in India for this. Some private banks, Paypal, other third parties provide the payment gateway services.Check their service standards and ease of funds transfer, with somebody who is already running the service.