Investments in Equity and online share trading

Share trading is all about making informed decisions at the tight time to buy/sell or to hold the shares. Price of equity goes up or down depending on the market conditions, demand and supply, business environment in which the company operates, confidence of investors on the management, and last but not the least, manipulation in some cases.

Though short term investments may cause loss to an investor, investing for long term is profitable as per historical records available for the last 100 years or so. Long term means an investment horizon of at least 10 years. Invest your surplus money and do not ever borrow/pledge your assets and make equity investments.

Other than the long term profits once gets on selling the shares, there is dividend income that most companies shell out to their investors. This is something like an interest on your fixed deposits with banks.

In India, the hassles of investment in shares were done away in around year 2000  when NSE  started their operations with online share trading facility. Their rival BSE also switched to online trading shortly.  this has done away with long wait to get ones shares after it was bought. buying/selling is just a click away.