Opportunities at freelance Sites

Opportunities at freelance Sites
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English: Freelance rose – Bagatelle Rose Garden (Paris, France). Français : Rose Freelance – Roseraie de Bagatelle (Paris, France). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

World is becoming small with job opportunities coming your way.

If one has the knowledge and desire, then it is  matter of time before work haunts the desired. Register at any of the freelance sites like odesk.com, elance.com, guru.com, freelancer.com, vworker.com, skillpages.com etc.  and take online tests with the respective sites or with other sites like brainbench.com.

Go through the job listings in your area of interest at the sites (find job/search job). While going through the listings, you will come across many terms, software used, websites,etc. which you may not be aware of.

Do some trial project just as specified in job listings. This will give you the confidence to apply and get interviewed. Do not bother too much about the rates at the initial stages.  Initially one has to build a portfolio with job history.

After working on small jobs for a few hours, one can slowly increase the rates.  In a few months, it is easier to command respectable hourly rates.

Google Pay Per Click PPC Advertising


Google Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

Many Google affiliate in India is offering Google Pay Per Click PPC opportunities at attractive low rates to Indian customers.

Rates starts as low Indian Rupees 3500. The advertisement is displayed when someone searches for Indian sites or specific Indian City related classifieds  or Indian products or services.

This opportunity helps in Real estate agents, educational consultants, travel and tourism operators, etc.

Internet Marketing through Youtube


Marketing through Youtube

With the advent of digital video technology, internet based marketing of digital videos has become the order of the day. Business opportunities are enormous on YouTube and other websites.

Videos are made and uploaded to YouTube accounts and once it becomes popular (as the number of visitors increases), it provides the owner of the YouTube account to become an affiliate by becoming the YouTube Partner Program.

Once the account is made a partner, YouTube puts advertisement when somebody click on the video,  the revenue generated is thus shared with the account holders.

Many have made ‘howto’ kind of videos and made millions out of YouTube sites.  Anything innovative and interesting to audience is generating good viewership. Video should be not very long. Anything from 3 minutes to 6 minute is best for this kind of stuff.

Old movies which were hits, new movie songs etc can be uploaded by producers and get a decent revenue from these program. Many Indian companies are making good money out of YouTube.

My encounter with Internet

Evolution of  Internet / Email in India

Looking back at the Email and internet evolution in India, I felt it would be ideal to share some of my experiences with you.

I had the chance to use email in the year 1993, if my memory is correct. Those days internet was not available.  Email alone was available from a few licensed companies.  Something which ends in a ‘dish’ was my email service provider. I used to type the messages off line, and once a message or two was ready, the line is dialed and message sent. Emails were charged for every minute of usage. Very few companies had emails those days. Personal Emails were not there.

I think Emails were introduced in 1992 in India, for corporate companies. Email was  very rarely used in Educational institutions, research institutions, etc from 1986.

Internet was introduced in India  starting with Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai and Pune on 15 August 1995. Internet connection was taken by our start-up company in  February 1996, if my gray cells are right.  (Himalayan Internet Services, where I worked was closed in 1998. Our domain chennaiweb dot com (format of website name changed to avoid link to that site, which seems to be for sale now) was also not renewed by us when we closed the business.)

Windows 95 was released on August 24, 1995 (after much delays by Microsoft), which made Internet popular with its ease of use. Previous versions of windows like windows 3.1 and earlier versions  of  windows were not that user friendly.

My friends;  Ramesh, Velmurugan and Sainathan; bought a book ‘Learn HTML in 14 days‘ from the ‘Pongal Trade fair’ in 2nd week of January 1996 and they suggested ‘why can’t we start Internet business?’  Even though I was experienced in some of the  computer programming languages like Foxpro, Clipper (both DOS Operating system based database programming languages), Oracle ( version 6 was the one used those days without GUI ; Oracle 7.0 was  the first Graphical User Interface  version database  from Oracle Corporation), Power-builder (a frond-end application development software with GUI; competitor to Visual Basic those days) and C;  internet was something which was new to me. My friends also had no idea as to what is computer programming, except for some data entry experience, mainly in accounts departments where they worked. I assured them that I will take up the challenge. And I completed the task in a month or so, even though I was per-occupied with my software development task for a finance company. The syntax of HTML, with its tag structure, was something new to me, compared to other programming languages I knew.

Before taking the internet connection and starting the business, to know about the internet, we went to a net cafe opposite to Hotel Chola Sheraton, Chennai.  It was the only  cafe those days. The charges were 100 Rupees per hour or so and there were  4 or 5 computers. Being  novice users, we didn’t know what to look for.  Saw ‘Filmfare’ magazine website or some other newspaper sites and came out after sitting and browsing with the slow connection.

After having got the feel of internet, I with my friends Ramesh, Sainathan, Velmurugan, along with Ramesh’s relatives, decided that it is time to get into this business. We took an office in Price Plaza, Eggmore, Chennai. We got the application for internet connection from BSNL; the only service provider that time.  As there were a long backlog of applications, we had to to take a veteran M.L.A. (6 or 7 times continuous winner those days ; who expired a few years back) to the BSNL office twice or thrice, to get the internet connection.

Do not loose your conscience on hearing the amount charged those days! 100 hours  cost a whopping 10000 Rupees!!! That is rupees 100 per hour! Once that was exhausted, one has to again take an advance DD for 10000.  And the internet connection speeds were in KB those days, compared to standard  2- 8 Mbps these days. No post paid billing facility was available in the initial years.

Within a few weeks/month, we were flooded with request from companies, asking us to design their web pages.  And they were mainly for sub-domains. That is their site names comes under our site name. Our sites were hosted at dezines.com (seems non-existent for the last 2/3 years) , Canada. Making the payment was the funniest part. Advance DD for 12000/- per site was taken and copy was faxed to them, to get the site activated. The original DD was then couriered through DHL at rupees 1200 per cover.  And to get the DD amount in dollars, we needed Reserve Bank of India’s  permission in some Form (Form number 9 or something which I did not recollect correctly).

One of our customers, Skylift cargo, wanted some forms, so that their potential customers (tourists) can fill up those and they can be contacted. Many sites were just text with some images. Many leading business houses gave us the order.  Recently listed Olympics cards, Sri Krishna Sweets, Shylift cargo (an IATA/Cargo company), Some real estate companies, many shipping companies, etc., were some of our initial customers.

I feel that we were little ahead in the website business that time. Customers were not aware of internet and its benefits. We had to explain what is internet to  the customers. Many a times, they came with their entire families; grant parents, children, grand children…

Even though I left the internet web design work for an assignment in Kuwait in 1998 end, (to work on a contract for the refineries of  Kuwait National Petroleum Company on their Laboratory Information Management System – SQL*LIMS software installation, customization,Sun Solaris Server admin,etc.), I returned to India after around 30 months and again started working as a freelancer on web technologies.

E-commerce web sites and Internet Marketing

E-commerce and Internet Marketing


Websites with e-commerce integration into the sites are the order of the day. In today’s world there are no boundaries to business. With proper internet marketing techniques and logistics, delivery of product is possible anywhere in the world.

First the web application development needs to be done with proper product details inserted into the web page. Once the web site is made to appear in the first pages of Search engines, it is time to go for internet based sales.

Approach a payment gateway that best suits your turnover and support. Once the terms are finalizes and the initial amount is paid, the gatewy companies provide the integration required. In case of problem they will support through their call centers. It is basically some copying, installation of J2EE (java) code into the web server and some configuration settings needs to be made. Shopping cart is installed that way. Once this is done you are ready for web site based shopping.

There are a few providers in India for this. Some private banks, Paypal, other third parties provide the payment gateway services.Check their service standards and ease of funds transfer, with somebody who is already running the service.

SEO – Improving a site’s visibility

SEO – Improving a site’s visibility

SEO is techniques used to improve a site’s visibility in Search Engine Rankings.

There are many approaches to SEO. Adding backlinks is the prominent method used. Backlink means reference to the site from another site.
more backlinks, the better. the more authoritative the other referring site, the better.

Blog Writing


My Blogging Experiences

I started blogging around December 2010. My first blog site was a word press site. It was a learning experience. I wrote six or seven articles that time in four to five months time. Even though I was not experienced in blog posting, It was not tough to learn wordpress site administration. With wordpress help and some help from other sites, I could easily post my first article in two days.

Go to wordpress.com(or any other blog site), register yourself, go to dash board, add a new post, add some tags, add category,publish(edit if required). It is that simple to blog.

After posting a few articles, I could not continue with that blog as I was preoccupied with other work. I lost that blog id after an year or so as my linked hotmail id was hacked and I could not recover that.

This blog was started four months back. Now I make it a point to write articles which helps others in some ways or other.

Thanks for going through this article.

SEO – Increase traffic to your site


SEO – how to increase web site traffic

In this digital age, it is not enough that you own a site. Having a site without Search engine Friendly measures means, your audience will be those who know your site address or those who search your company name in search engines. These category of visitors probably fall into your existing customers. You need to get new visitors to the site and you need to convert at least a part of them into customers. All these should be planned and executed carefully to avoid wasteful expenditure.

First of all, you should find out what keywords (words people use in search engines to find similar product/service etc) that best describes your site. Analyse these keywords using Google webmaster tools to find out how many searches were done in the past in Google using these keywords.  If your site has to come in search results, you should use keywords which other people use to search internet. Better, you find out how your competitors keywords are doing in search results. All this will help you in arriving at a list of optimized keywords.

Use these keywords in your site’s meta keywords. Also use search engine’s advertising platform to get traffic by using PPC Program (Pay Per click). You can define your audience on a variety of parameters to optimize the money spent on these advertisements.

There are many other techniques like blog posting with back links, blog commenting, press release submissions, article submissions, directory listing, blog listing, social networking pages, to name a few. Another important technique is unique, informative, updated site content.   All these increases your site’s visibility with search engines.

To summarize, you need to do a lot of different things to get your site reach search engine’s audience. Things like blog posting, social networking pages update, press release, monitoring site with Google webmaster tools etc  should done on a permanent basis . If you do not watch your site’s traffic others will take over the business form you.

If you interested in getting your web site a new fresh look with site optimized for search engines, please do not hesitate to contact me.


e-mail marketing


E-mail Marketing

There are times when a new product or service is launched and informing a target audience with an e-mail marketing becomes necessary. Email marketing offers the most economical form of advertising. There are E-mail lists available in the market which becomes handy in such cases.

If  you interested in e-mail marketing program please contact me.